Ep. 27: Hilton Burke on How Not to Hire Mr. Bean

January 31, 2024

In this Episode:

Ever wondered how to distinguish a truly exceptional sales candidate from the rest? Curious about the secrets behind successful sales recruitment? Dive into an enlightening discussion with host James Abraham and recruitment expert Hilton Burke, as they explore "How Not to Hire Mr. Bean." In this episode, we reveal key insights on spotting genuine talent through traits like grit, passion, resilience, and coachability. Learn about the pitfalls of poor hiring, effective strategies for job seekers, and essential onboarding tips, all in a conversation that could revolutionize your approach to building a winning sales team.

About Hilton:

Hilton Burke is a seasoned sales professional and a distinguished figure in the realm of sales and marketing recruitment. With a rich background marked by consistent outstanding results, Hilton has established himself as an invaluable resource for those aiming to elevate their sales skills and achieve success in their organizations. His expertise is not just limited to sales strategies and insights, but also extends to headhunting and recruiting, particularly in building world-class sales, SDR (Sales Development Representative), and marketing teams.