Ep. 5: Dragan Vojvodić on Courage in Sales

May 3, 2023

In this episode:

James and Dragan discuss the importance of convictions and courage in sales. Salespeople's need to have strong convictions about their own abilities and the value of their products or services. This mindset helps them to effectively sell without discounting or giving away anything for free. The importance of continuous personal development, practicing dialogue techniques, and being present in the moment during sales calls.

About Dragan:

Dragan Vojvodic is a sales consultant who strongly believes in uncovering the truth to reveal hidden potentials. He emphasizes that not everyone can become his client as discovering the truth can be an unpleasant experience. Dragan doesn't believe in short-term seminars with cheap content, focusing instead on the three most important aspects related to success: Attitudes, Behavior, and Techniques.

Graduating in management, Dragan started his career at Raiffeisen Bank and Porsche sports car but soon realized that corporate life was not for him. He felt a calling to create and inspire others. In 2010, he went to London and was recommended by his trainers to Sandler home office in Baltimore, where he became a licensed representative of the Sandler company for Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia.

Prof. Dr. Križo Katinić, a neuropsychiatrist from Zagreb, was Dragan's professor while studying Logotherapy, the third Viennese school of psychiatry founded by Jewish doctor Dr. Viktor Frankl. This study helped Dragan in difficult life situations, as it proved that a person is not a product of their environment but of personal choice.

In 2012, Dragan was a guest of the Serbian royal family Karađorđević at the White Palace, where he served as a speaker for Nick Vujicic on the topic of "The Meaning of Life." That same year, his book "Feeding the Ego or the Family, a Difficult Choice, Isn't It?" was published, exploring the challenges individuals face when balancing personal ambitions and family life.

Dragan is a devoted father to his daughter, Maria Angela, and a loving husband to his wife. His passion for helping others discover their true potential through uncovering the truth and focusing on Attitudes, Behavior, and Techniques has made him a sought-after consultant in the sales industry.

With his unique approach and dedication, Dragan Vojvodic continues to inspire others to achieve success and create meaningful lives.