Ep. 35: Tori Signorelli on Harmonizing Sales and Customer Experience: A Symphony of Success

March 27, 2024

In this episode:

James and Tori Signorelli delve into the transformative world of sales and customer experience. From Seattle to Tel Aviv, the conversation spans the globe, touching on the secret sauce of customer experience, the importance of collaboration, and the journey from theater to customer experience leadership. Tori shares her approach to understanding customers from an outside-in perspective, the challenges businesses face in breaking down silos, and the power of setting clear expectations. Through stories of personal growth, industry insights, and a shared passion for music and human stories, this episode illuminates the path to creating meaningful customer connections and driving brand love, all while fostering a culture of empathy and curiosity within organizations.

About Tori:

A leader in the realm of Customer Experience (CX) and design, whose illustrious career is dedicated to crafting human-centered experiences that drive brand love and foster deep connections. With expertise spanning B2C, B2B, and B2B2C experiences, Tori stands out for her commitment to research, design, and innovative strategies that ensure seamless customer interactions. Her leadership is marked by a profound ability to inspire teams, foster collaboration, and drive strategic problem-solving, making her an invaluable asset in reimagining customer engagement. Beyond her professional achievements, Tori's dedication as a part-time mentor and advisory board member highlights her commitment to nurturing talent and advancing the field. As we explore this episode, be inspired by the insights and experiences of a leader whose work has set new benchmarks in putting customers at the heart of business strategy.