Ep. 34: Tom Niessen on Truth Serum for Sales Success: Decoding the Art of Selling Without Selling Your Soul

March 21, 2024

In this episode:

Curious about how honesty can revolutionize your sales strategy and lead to unprecedented success? In this episode of "The Secret Source of Selling," host James Abraham and sales maestro Tom Niessen delve into the art of selling with honesty, revealing how truth is the ultimate key to unlocking sales success. With 30 years of rich experience, Tom shares groundbreaking insights on creating a culture of trust, the pivotal role of leadership in shaping sales dynamics, and adapting to the transformative power of AI in the sales world.Discover Tom's "secret sauce" for selling that challenges conventional tactics and emphasizes genuine connections over transactions. Tune in to uncover the secrets that have powered decades of sales triumphs and learn how to apply them in the digital age.

About Tom:

Tom Niesen is the CEO of Sandler Training of Dallas, a global leader in sales and management training, and Acuity Systems Inc., a company providing sales training, recruiting, outsourcing, and solutions. With over 30 years of experience, Thomas helps clients achieve their sales goals using proven techniques and tools. He is passionate about transforming sales cultures, empowering salespeople, and enabling business growth. Additionally, he has played a vital role in providing training and development for sales leaders and representatives at Mockingbird Pharma. Thomas is highly recommended for organizations seeking top-notch sales training and development.