Ep. 25: Mark Foley on Transforming Sales Performance through Effective Decision-Making

October 4, 2023

In this episode:

Host James Abraham and guest Mark Foley dive into the complexities of the decision-making process in sales and its relevance in today's business environment. They discuss the challenges sellers often face and how to navigate decision-making conversations without upsetting the buyer. Mark shares insights on managing sales opportunities, the importance of a robust pipeline, the power of disqualifying an opportunity when necessary, the role of mindset in sales performance and the value of having systematic sales process.

About Mark:

Mark Foley is a highly experienced and accomplished professional in the field of sales and management. With a career spanning over two decades, Mark has held various leadership positions, demonstrating his expertise in generating revenue and driving business growth. Currently serving as the Vice President of Global Accounts at Sandler Training, Mark is responsible for providing innovative customer-focused solutions and training to enhance the skills and performance of individuals involved in revenue generation. With a strong background in sales and marketing, Mark has also excelled in his role as a senior executive for a diagnostic imaging business, overseeing new business growth and customer retention across multiple states. Throughout his career, Mark has exhibited exceptional leadership abilities and a proven track record of success.