Ep. 23: Michelle Terpstra on The Beautiful Marriage of Sales and Digital Marketing

September 20, 2023

In this episode:

James Abraham is joined by sales and digital marketing expert, Michelle Terpstra, to discuss the importance of marrying sales and digital marketing efforts. They dive into strategies for engaging with leads, leveraging content on social media, and the importance of practice and mindset in sales success. How can automation and digital marketing help warm up potential prospects for the sales team? Learn about the significance of solving specific problems through marketing and leaving a gap for the sales team to close, as well as the qualities and traits required for sales professionals to excel in this combined approach.

About Michelle:

Sales Growth Expert, author of High-Performance Sales Habits, and sought-after consultant for entrepreneurs Michelle Terpstra, founder of Startup Sales Leadership Institute, has helped over 1,000 companies shatter sales targets, cultivate high-performance habits, and elevate sales efficiency by building bulletproof systems and all-star sales teams. She brings out the best in people and is fondly called the hype woman with a plan. With her unique background, she blends digital marketing, social selling, and traditional sales methodology for a cutting-edge approach that converts like crazy for the solopreneur or scaling CEO.