Ep. 20: Troy Elmore on Transforming Sales Performance: Discovering Your Why and Building Resilience

August 29, 2023

In this episode:

James Abraham and Troy Elmore discuss the importance of mindset, attitude, and techniques in sales and how to avoid becoming the person you don't want to be. The key to success in sales is having a strong why, being able to deal with rejection, and focusing on your purpose in life. Sales professionals should exercise, manage their energy levels, and document their successes to stay motivated.

About Troy:

Troy is an 18-year veteran in sales, currently with Sandler Training, where he focuses on sales strategy and staff development. Known for his hands-on coaching approach, he's helped elevate sales teams across industries like tech and finance. Troy is not just a trainer but a sought-after speaker and consultant, offering long-term, tailored solutions rather than quick fixes. Beyond work, he's committed to social impact, mentoring individuals with criminal histories. With his deep expertise and genuine passion for helping others, Troy is a must-listen guest for anyone interested in sales and leadership.