Ep. 16: Rochelle Carrington on the Three Components of Effective Selling

July 26, 2023

In this episode:

James Abraham invites Rochelle Carrington, a renowned mentor, and coach, to discuss how self-sabotage impacts selling. Carrington emphasizes the importance of mindset, alongside behavior and technique, in selling, explaining that self-sabotage often stems from limiting beliefs formed in childhood. They discuss strategies to confront and overcome these beliefs, stressing the value of continuous learning, self-realization, and maintaining a healthy, disciplined lifestyle.

About Rochelle:

Rochelle Carrington is a highly accomplished professional who has made a significant impact in the field of personal and professional growth. With expertise in eliminating limiting beliefs and rewiring the mind for success, Rochelle helps successful individuals and business leaders reach their full potential. Through her personalized one-on-one coaching and proprietary protocol called "Emotional Blueprinting," she uncovers negative subconscious beliefs and reprograms them, enabling her clients to achieve their goals effortlessly in just 90 days. With a track record of success and numerous accolades, Rochelle's expertise and dedication have earned her recognition and praise from clients and colleagues alike.