Ep. 14: Mike Monatgue on Maintaining Relevance in Sales: The Role of Humanity amid Rising AI in Selling

July 11, 2023

In this episode:

Host James Abraham welcomes special guest, Mike Montague. Mike shares his professional journey and discusses the role of humanity in a world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He emphasizes that while AI is a powerful tool, it should not replace sales professionals. Instead, salespeople should enhance their human skills such as intuition, empathy, and communication to complement the benefits of AI. He also highlights that the ability to break rules and cater to unique situations are skills that robots lack. The episode concludes with Mike reminding salespeople to not fear the advent of AI in the sales industry but rather embrace it while also improving their human skills and using AI as a tool to boost their sales performance.

About Mike:

Mike is an accomplished public speaker, engaging podcaster, charismatic game show host, and inspiring writer. With a career spanning over 20 years at Sandler Training, Mike currently serves as the Director of Community Engagement. He captivates audiences as the host of two podcasts called 'How to Succeed' and 'Playful Humans.' Fuelled by his love for the unconventional, Mike has championed the transformative power of play, advocating for adults to reignite their sense of playfulness. Among his diverse professional experiences, Mike's impressive portfolio includes working as a DJ and an internet marketing consultant. An influential figure in public speaking, Mike's considerable contributions have earned him due recognition. A certified trainer for Sandler Training, Mike has added literary achievement to his list by authoring a book on utilizing LinkedIn effectively. As an active participant in the educational domain, he also holds multiple advisory roles.