Ep. 13: Jeff Borovitz on Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Budget Discussions in Sales

July 4, 2023

In this episode:

Host James Abraham, features sales expert Jeff Borovitz. They discuss the importance and tactics of conducting the budget discussion with prospective clients to determine their financial capabilities and their level of comfort in terms of spending. Jeff emphasizes the need to use strategic questions to understand the client's budget, specify budget range, and get clients to justify bigger budgets.

About Jeff:

Jeff Borovitz is a highly experienced sales trainer and consultant who has been working with Presidents, CEOs, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and executives since 1991. He has helped numerous individuals and companies improve their sales organizations and achieve business growth. With a focus on strategic business development, coaching, training, and competitive analysis, Jeff is known for his ability to deliver tangible results and drive increased sales and revenue growth.