Ep. 8: Bill Bartlett on Crushing Sales Weaknesses: Fearless Success Unlocked

May 30, 2023

In this episode:

James Abraham and Bill Bartlett, Executive Vice President of Franchise at Sandler, about the four "killer weaknesses" that salespeople need to overcome to be successful. These weaknesses are the need for approval, fear of rejection, money tolerance, and belief in oneself. The conversation covers how these weaknesses affect a salesperson's success and strategies for overcoming them, as well as the importance of coaching and continuous education in the sales industry. They also discuss leveraging technology, such as AI, to enhance a salesperson's skills and staying adaptable to change in today's ever-evolving sales environment.

About Bill:

Meet Bill Bartlett, Sandler Training's Executive Vice President, boasting over 40 years of sales success. For 27 years, he owned Corporate Strategies & Solutions Inc., an authorized Sandler Training center in Naperville, Illinois. Now leading a network of over 270 franchisees, Bill's focus is on improving revenue and market dominance.As an internationally sought-after speaker and trainer, Bill has an impressive portfolio with clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Skilled in identifying core challenges and implementing transformative strategies, he has coached Fortune 1000 CEOs, professional athletes, and leading Hollywood actors.Drawing on his vast experience, Bill inspires increased productivity and profit by fostering high-performance behaviors, winning attitudes, and superior sales and management techniques. His expertise has helped countless professionals reach new heights in both professional and personal spheres.Currently, Bill serves as Executive Vice President Sales at Sandler Training (since Mar 2020) and brings over 25 years of experience as President/Owner of Corporate Strategies & Solutions, Inc. Get ready to learn from the best in the sales arena and transform your professional journey.