Non-verbal language processing (NVLP)

Yuval Heiman
A woman doing gestures in front of her laptop

What is NVLP?


Non-verbal Language Processing is the analysis of all non-verbal communication efforts; body language, gestures, facial expressions and much more


You are giving a presentation to your team leader. You take a look at him and get it right away that he is not very happy with it. You look over to your team members, and they give you a slight nod, agreeing about the boss’s reaction.

All of this is, in fact, communication – each individual is conveying a message, and the other person is responding to it. The interesting part? There are absolutely no words involved.


According to Psychology Professor and non-verbal communication pioneer Albert Mehrabian, only 7% of our communication is verbal.

Non-verbal communication refers to the various ways in which individuals deliver information about their emotions, intentions, opinions and needs without using verbal language.

Non-verbal communication holds around 80% – 90% of the meaning found in human interactions.


That being the case, Non-verbal Language Processing is the analysis of the non-verbal components in human interactions.


From apes to apes with crazy technology 


Thankfully, we live in a time where the science of non-verbal communication is well-established. Technological advancements are now making the analysis of these elements of communication an easier task than ever before.


Novacy uses NVLP to decipher what people mean through their non-verbal communication (even when they try to hide it!).


Knowing the meaning of non-verbal cues improves our ability to understand how the people around us really feel, what they expect from us and whether we are having a good interaction.


When your non-verbal communication complements your verbal communication, it leads to improved clarity and increased trust. On the other hand, if your unspoken language contradicts your spoken words, it may lead to mistrust, confusion, and even stress.

Hence, non-verbal communication is really important to building and sustaining productive, positive and reliable relationships.


What can NVLP do for you?


The core purpose of any communication is the exchange of information. In that way, having the power of NVLP on your side enables you to turn every virtual interaction into an effective conversation.


Become a proficient communicator, make information exchange far more effective and access the untapped potential of your virtual interactions.


Read the zoom like you read the room, making virtual meetings as effective as F2F.


“Reading the room” is an exceptional human ability. Without having the ability to explain why we sense tension- we can still confidently sense its presence.


Face-to-face interactions are presumably the best medium for interaction, for they enable access to all verbal and non-verbal communication efforts.


It’s not about early adopting, it’s about progress


Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic more and more people had switched to online means of running a business. From buying to selling, learning to working – everything can be done online.


The pandemic has significantly transformed how B2B organizations of different fields operate. Many are now conducting much of their business activities through virtual channels or in a hybrid fashion.


The hastened digitization process emphasizes the necessity of transforming business operations to the virtual playground.

NVLP is now becoming a must-have analysis tool that will enhance every virtual interaction.