B2B sales in the Meta-Verse

Yair Giwnewer
An image of a meeting in a virtual reality conference

B2B sales in the Meta-Verse

“Roads? Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads.” Dr. Emmett Brown

Remember when smartphones became a thing? At first it was mostly kids playing Fruit ninja.

But then, slowly but surely, smartphones began to integrate with all life functions; from accessing your email and bank account up to monitoring your heart rate and REM sleep throughout the night.

The Meta-Verse is coming, and it's not just about selling pictures of monkeys to the highest bidder.  

So basically, it's a matter of time until VR technologies will become advanced enough to the point where they start to integrate with all life functions as well. Business and pleasure. 

That being said, one can reasonably assume that these advancements will take time.

I Know what you’re thinking- “the technology is ready, why isn’t this already happening?”. Well, as we all know- market adoption is more about where the party is at. After all, nobody would want to be alone in the MetaVerse.

Participants bring all kinds of value; from content, through business opportunities all the way to multiplayer collaboration. When the MetaVerse will become more suitable for the general public’s needs- it would be more reasonable to join it!

Aiming for a more immersive customer experience, the MetaVerse might affect how some B2B companies will handle their operations, specifically- those that are already happening in the virtual environment via online video meetings.  

In the past, you would take a flight to the other end of the world just to engage with relevant people to do business with. To this day companies still go on road-shows to meet up with potential customers and investors. Even though most business interactions occur online via communication platforms (Zoom, Meet, etc) there is simply no real substitute for face-to-face interactions. 

That's where the MetaVerse kicks in; Inside the metaverse you’ll be able to meet up with people from all over the world in a more physically engaged manner.

MetaVerse will create a middle ground between flying all over the world and communicating online using your computer camera. Inside the VR you’ll be able to represent yourself with a custom made Avatar that is close enough to represent yourself and roam digitally and internationally.

One question remains;

Will apex selling meetings take place in the MetaVerse? Perhaps B2C sales would, But what about B2B?

If an animated donkey would present an impressive deck- would he convince you to buy? Who buys from a donkey?
(Just kidding, I'd buy from a donkey)

It is unseemly that major business meetings will occur between animated avatars.

The significant missing component in avatar interactions is the non-verbal communication.

Body language is key in order to understand, trust and connect with the other side. Which really makes you think about whether the MetaVerse will actually replace video interactions anytime soon. 

We assume that B2B sales will remain at their current virtual medium at least until Metaverse will complete developing its ‘virtual human’.