4 Reasons why you should NOT use Novacy

Yuval Heiman
A Sales person saying NO

4 Reasons why you should NOT use Novacy

We at Novacy believe in the product we sell, and we love what we do. But hey, not everyone needs Novacy. 
In fact, we’ve put together this guide to help you determine if our product isn’t the right fit for your sales team. Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t buy our sales intelligence software. If you fall into any of the 4 categories below, you should definitely not invest in Novacy for your sales team.

1.Virtual sales is second nature to you

If you’re closing new deals without having any problems -maybe you don’t need Novacy sales intelligence tools - just keep on keepin’ on.However, if you’re feeling like building relationships and rapport in virtual calls is harder than ever, that video platforms are creating tunnel vision, and you’re losing out on the non-verbal communication that’s so crucial to sales ,it might be time to invest in a new sales intelligence software like Novacy. With Novacy, you can leverage behavioral intelligence to read the entire room -not just the speakers - and gain a better understanding of who’s with you, who’s against you, what resonated, and what didn’t.. This will help you become a better salesperson and win more deals.

2.You're already a master deal-closer

Congratulations, you’ve already made it. You’re probably lounging on a yacht somewhere in the Caribbean, sipping on a Mai Tai and getting a message from a personal masseuse. If that’s the case, then Novacy isn’t for you. Our behavioral sales intelligence platform is designed for people who want win more deals and make even more money than they know what to do with.

3.Everyone on your team is already a quota-crusher

If every seller on your team is hitting quota, that’s unrealistically great. But if you’re living in the real world, you know that it's not that easy. Developing reps is a necessary work hard and necessary work that can be frustrating. That’s why you should consider using sales intelligence platforms like Novacy. Say goodbye to hours-long meetings talking things through. With Novacy, you can find each rep strengths and weaknesses, replicate success and let your reps binge best practices, and replicate success. learn to be the best by learning from your team’s success.

4.Your team is allergic to collaboration

If your reps don’t sync with your AE, and that sameAE doesn’t sync with CS, and that CS does not sync with Product… Well, you get the point. Collaboration is not a matter of choice, and that’s where the gift of virtual sales call straining comes in. With Novacy’s virtual sales training, you can use sales intelligence tools to share valuable insights inside and outside of your organization. Simply tag your team members in video snippets and share the whole story. This will help your team collaborate better than any other team, and achieve the results you’re aiming for.

To sum up, if you’re looking to improve your sales team’s performance, consider investing in Novacy’s behavioral intelligence platform. With behavioral intelligence and data-driven sales enablement, Novacy can help you win more deals, replicate success, crash your quota, and collaborate like a pro.