Junior Backend Developer

Full time
In Novacy we’re analyzing emotion, reactions, and body language in the virtual environment (Zoom, Teams, etc).

This means we’re using AI (ML, DL, CV, and other buzzwords) to better understand human interactions. 🤯🤯🤯

We have a truly exciting and highly expected product that is a revolution and will shake the sales industry!

We are a young company that values culture, transparency, and achievements, and put our founding members at the very heart of our company.

As a Backend Engineer at Novacy, you will be one of the founding team employees in a team that’s excited about building amazing products while taking pride in the code that powers it. We don't believe in a single tech stack - but rather choose the right tool for a job.

We practice Domain Driven Design to define our systems and reach tech decisions with the stakeholders.

Our current (while writing this post) stack is composed of React, NextJs, Python, FastAPI, MongoDB, Docker, K8s, and AWS.

We value full ownership, and as such each member of our team has a huge impact on the overall product, from development methods to how we define, build and release new features. We value good craftsmanship and pride ourselves in the product we build and how we build it.

  • Proficiency in at least one backend programming language NodeJs/Python/Go etc
  • Worked in a team ensuring code quality and system security through automation, unit testing, and structured code reviews.
  • Independent, fast learner, and excited about learning new technologies.
  • You are calm and focused under pressure, and consider work-life balance essential for long-term happiness and productivity.
  • You believe effective and successful work is made possible by clear and honest communication, with a shared understanding of the long-term vision and immediate next actions.